Other sites

As well as repeat visits to Lymington-Keyhaven Nature Reserve, we go to a range of other sites each year. 

In autumn and winter resident and wintering birds make a wide range of calls. Then in spring, residents start to sing in earnest. Summer migrants arrive to set up their territories, and newly fledged birds join the chorus! We always visit a range of habitats to maximise our chances of a long species list.

Except when sunrise is too late, most sessions start at 7am, after the dawn chorus so that we can more easily pick out individual birds – and get more sleep! We rarely walk further than three miles; it’s easier to hear birds if you stand and listen.

Each year we introduce new sites, though some, like the coast between Lymington and Keyhaven, are too good to miss! Indeed we usually visit this particular nature reserve in different seasons to see how the range of birds changes during the year.