Test yourself

If you know the answers to these questions and would recognise the birds by their sounds, you probably don’t need to attend the next course!

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Which has the more repetitive song: blackbird or song thrush? Reveal answerSong Thrush
Which goose has a growling voice: Brent, Canada or greylag? Reveal answerBrent Goose
Which has the faster rhythm to its song: great or coal tit? Reveal answerCoal Tit
Which woodpecker has a call that sounds like a loud ringing laugh? Reveal answerGreen Woodpecker
Which woodpecker drums faster and longer: great or lesser spotted? Reveal answerLesser-spotted Woodpecker
Which places equal emphasis on each note of its call: greenshank, redshank or spotted redshank? Reveal answerGreenshank
Is it the jay or the magpie that has a call that sounds like an angry, rasping, tearing screech? Reveal answerJay
The female of which kind of duck has loud laughing quacks? Reveal answerMallard
Which species hides at the edges of reedy ponds and makes a descending whinnying trill? Reveal answerLittle Grebe
Which finch makes a sound like a drawn-out, wheezing ‘greeeen’? Reveal answerGreenfinch
Which of the swans has wing feathers that make a noise in flight? Reveal answerMute Swan
Which of the game birds has a throat-clearing cough? Reveal answerPheasant
Which of the pigeons has a 5-note song? Reveal answerWood Pigeon
Which woodland bird has a shrill but descending trill which ends in a short upturn? Reveal answerTreecreeper
The alarm call of which thrush is like a rasping rattle? Reveal answerMistle Thrush
Which garden or woodland bird has a ticking alarm call? Reveal answerRobin
Which much rarer woodland bird has sharp ticks in its repertoire? Reveal answerHawfinch
Which heathland bird has a song like a dunnock and a call that sounds like two stones knocking together? Reveal answerStonechat
Which bird has a song which increases in pitch and ends without a final flourish: goldcrest or firecrest? Reveal answerFirecrest
The calls of which tit often sound very short and ‘clipped’? Reveal answerMarsh Tit
The song of which warbler is more fluty and excitable: garden warbler or blackcap? Reveal answerBlackcap