“Thanks to Nigel’s fantastic tuition, I was able to identify a call – which came out of the blue – and subsequently find a family of spotted flycatchers, on a walk in Dorset. I have to say, that I was pretty pleased with myself and punched the air in delight! Many thanks for all your time, effort and enthusiasm.” Chris Hocking

“I really enjoy the learn bird song meetings. I set my alarm for 4.30 am and leave my house at 5.30 am – sometimes even earlier! I love my bed! But it is worth it to get to Nigel’s 7 am gatherings. I really am learning and I really do appreciate it when I get there!   We have a very special morning learning and enjoying some beautiful experiences hearing and seeing a huge variety of birds.” Libby Brennan

“I try to attend Nigel’s bird song trips whenever I can.  This is not only because it is a great way to learn bird songs and calls, but they are just such a great bird watching experience.  Over a year me manage to see and hear almost all the iconic birds of the New Forest and its surroundings from Less Spotted Woodpeckers, Wood Warblers, Hawfinch, Crossbill to Nightingales and Turtle Doves.  I’ve not been disappointed by a single trip.  A great way to start a weekend.” Adam Prugel-Bennett

“I have loved birds for as long as I can remember but have never considered myself to be as knowledgeable as a lot of enthusiasts – the real ‘twitcher’ types. This could be off-putting in some birding groups, but Nigel is always patient and encouraging and the groups are friendly and relaxed. With many eyes and ears we see so much more than one would alone. The mixture of woodland and coastal walks enables us to see a great variety of birds and has introduced me to many beautiful areas of the Forest I might never otherwise have discovered. And I am improving!” Karen Passingham

“Over several sessions across years I have learnt a surprisingly large range of bird songs and calls enough to enhance significantly my enjoyment of finding and watching birds.   With Nigel’s careful tuition and patience I have accumulated enough knowledge and confidence to recognise many of the birds found in the New Forest through the seasons.  It is also very rewarding to be able to apply these listening skills elsewhere and find some of the less common and more difficult species for myself.” Chris Piper

“Nigel’s course is amazing – I guarantee that you will enjoy it and learn so much……… I’ve never known him to NOT know a bird!!” Matthew Renshaw

“It’s great to go out in the early morning and really experience the sounds of nature with Nigel. Most of us are barely aware of all the different calls that birds make and we don’t listen effectively. Nigel helps to open up this world and I have learned so much from coming on the courses. It’s also a wonderful way to start the day!” Kathy Emmott

”Woodland bird-spotting can be frustrating when you can’t see the birds for the trees.  Nigel’s expert and helpful tuition enabled me to be far more confident in my identification of birdsong, even when the birds themselves remain infuriatingly invisible.” John Lunt