“As novices to identifying bird song we found this course a brilliant introduction and a great start to Saturday mornings.” Claire and Tony Birch

“We have thoroughly enjoyed Nigel’s bird song sessions at different sites around the New Forest. We can now recognise and name the more familiar sounds of birds in our garden like Robins, Wrens and Blackbirds but we have also enjoyed being introduced to more ‘exotic’ species like Wood Warbler and Nightjar. Nigel’s ear for bird songs is well matched by his wide experience of bird behaviour, and his ability to pass on his knowledge with patience and humour has been a rewarding experience. We’ll be signing on to future courses for sure.” Bryan & Cynthia Wilson

“Learning birdsong is essential to effective bird watching but equally well enhances the pleasure of a walk in the countryside or through a wood. Nigel brings his expertise, experience and sheer joy with birdsong to careful tuition on bird habitat, observation and song for anyone from beginner to improver. Nigel runs thoroughly enjoyable and informative courses.” Chris Piper

“Nigel’s course is amazing – I guarantee that you will enjoy it and learn so much……… I’ve never known him to NOT know a bird!!” Matthew Renshaw

“I’ve been a birdwatcher for years, but was lazy about learning songs and calls. I resolved to try harder, and joining Nigel’s course was brilliant. He has a nice style including everyone from the beginner to those who know a fair amount. We all smiled a lot as well as learning a great deal.” Techer Jones

“The sessions were great fun and fascinating. This was a completely new experience for us, and the extra knowledge has added a lot to our enjoyment of the local environment. Nigel’s enthusiasm for the subject was very, very infectious.” Tony Hockley

”Woodland bird-spotting can be frustrating when you can’t see the birds for the trees.  Nigel’s expert and helpful tuition enabled me to be far more confident in my identification of birdsong, even when the birds themselves remain infuriatingly invisible.” John Lunt

“Nigel’s excellent knowledge of birdsong and patient approach, resulted in a superb course!” Chris Hocking