When and where

Dates and venues of field trips are shown below

The links to the sites are to the general areas; instructions for where to park are provided by email to those who are booked in, about a week in advance of each session.

Due to COVID-19 all sessions are currently cancelled. 


All sessions are on Saturday mornings, 7-10am unless specified otherwise.

Keyhaven, Pennington Marshes and Normandy Lagoon are all on the south coast within the Lymington-Keyhaven Nature Reserve; it’s so good that we visit throughout the year! The other sites include a variety of different habitats within or close to the New Forest. Since 2011 we have found over 160 species; most years we find about 130 species and hear about 100 of them!

We do take time to look at birds’ plumage and behaviour, and we talk about their habitat preferences, relative abundance etc. – but we always make sure we’ve taken stock of any vocalisations each bird has made.

There will be ample opportunity to test your knowledge, ask questions and talk about the ways of remembering what we have learned.

The link below is to a crib sheet with all the species we found over the last year or so, together with a short description of those we heard. You can help us update it so that the descriptions get better and better!

 Bird Song Crib Sheet – 2018-19